Group Facilities Manager Jobs Vacancy Nigeria 2019
Employment Opportunity Nigeria: Group Facilities Manager Jobs Vacancy Nigeria 2019


Due to the expansion of our organization requires the service of a Group Facilities Manager (GFM), who will be responsible for managing the group’s current facilities and be part of the

development committee overseeing current and future projects of the organization.

The individual will be responsible for upholding and improving the dynamic business environment.

Integrating and deploying best practices and technology in the management of our facilities 

The individual will manage and develop services and processes that support the core business of the organization.

The GFM will stimulate and uphold best practices for maximum efficiency and ensure a suitable working environment is attained for the company’s staff, tenants, vendors, contractors, visitors and their activities.

The successful candidate will be involved in both strategic planning and day-to-day operations of assets, processes and systems, particularly in relation to the physical assets and premises, both technical and
 non-technical, drafting and implementing procedures for systems within the differe080nt facilities operated and managed by the Landmark Group The GFM will also play a vital role in the delivery of the core
 function of the role to different stages in the development life cycle advocating and implementing  innovative solutions for superior management of assets, upholding sustainability and improving the ecosystem where we operate 

The likely areas of responsibility include:

Building maintenance and operations

Health and Safety Systems procedures, development and implementation

Technical understanding of Electrical, HVAC, ELV, Lifts, Mechanical Systems within facilities

Good understanding of procurement and contract management

Security management administration

Space management: Planning, Scheduling and Parking Management

Utilities and communications infrastructure

Vendor Management

Janitorial Services

Project Management

Facilities Software Management

Data Metrics and Management

Communication with management and investors

Compliance and regulatory knowledge

Designing Systems and writing procedures, Etc.


Manage the Group’s facilities to preserve and improve all physical assets and systems

Be part of the project development team to plan, develop and implement future projects and the

physical facilities backbone to manage the assets

Advice the project design team on best practices to achieve efficient sustainable buildings that

meet global environmental and functional standards

Improve the dynamic business environment of the Landmark Group by implementing seamless

technological tools to address the varying challenges in the Landmark Ecosystem.

Prepare documents to put out tenders for contractors and oversee tender process to choose

dependable and cost-efficient contractors

Project manage, supervise and coordinate the work of contractors

Collate reports and present same to management and investors, periodic reporting to the board.

Plan for future development in line with strategic business objectives

Manage and lead change management to ensure minimum disruption to core activities

Direct, coordinate and plan essential services such as security, maintenance, janitorial services,
 waste disposal and recycling 

Ensure buildings meet health and safety requirements and that facilities comply with federal,
 state and local legislation 

Keep staff, tenants, contractors, visitors, vendors who are within and around our facilities

Plan best allocation and utilization of space and resources for Landmark buildings, or reorganizing of current premises

Check that agreed work by staff or contractors has been completed satisfactorily and follow up

on any deficiencies

Coordinate and lead one or more teams to deliver on various areas of responsibility

Use performance management techniques to monitor and demonstrate achievement of agreed service levels and to lead on improvement

Respond appropriately to emergencies or urgent issues as they arise and deal with the consequences. 

Build and maintain good relationships with clients, tenants, vendors, contractors and sundry

Liaise with community associations, regulatory bodies, security agents to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship

Management of training and re-training of the team under the GFM

Introduction of new ideas knowledge and practices to improve the standard, consumer primary activities and protect the associated investments

Core Policy Responsibilities

Safety and Security Policy

Health and Safety Policies

Contractor management

Environment Policy

Risk Assessment

Quality Control


Candidates with a background in any of the listed field of study at undergraduate and postgraduate level
 can apply. 

Candidates with professional certifications in Facilities and project management have a

Building Management
 Civil, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering  Construction Management 

Facilities Management

Project Management or related fields
 Entry without a degree in the above listed areas of study but with requisite applied and professional 

qualification, skills and experience are also eligible to apply.


The individual will need to demonstrate:

Interpersonal, relationship-building and networking skills

Procurement and negotiation skills

The ability to multitask and prioritise workload

Confident decision making

Time management skills

Project management skills

The ability to draw information from various sources, including people and make useful deductions

Record keeping and tracking

Clear and concise writing skills and the ability to handle long and complex documents

Teamwork skills and the ability to lead and motivate others

IT skills

A practical, flexible and innovative approach to work.

Work experience required

Minimum of 7 to 10 years requisite experience managing facilities and building and not less than

3 years in a management role managing the facilities, Candidate should state building(s) managed

and roles in the building(s) managed

Knowledge and experience of facilities management tools and procedures. Experience in the management of mixed-use buildings and Grade A buildings will be deemed an advantage.


The GFM may be:

Required to work at different premises

Long-term projects may demand flexibility or relocation.

The work can be pressured at times, particularly when working to tight budgets or when emergencies arise.

There are good opportunities for overseas travel and possible posting for those with experience.

Managing difficult clients

Decision making and risk taking


Competitive Industry Standard


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