Career Recruitment – 2019 Jobs Vacancy Graphic designer and mobile app/web developer Nigeria
Employment Opportunity Nigeria: 2019 Jobs Vacancy Graphic designer and mobile app/web developer Nigeria
Job Description : Today Work Nigeria

Slim Girl Shapewear seeks a full-time, Graphic Designer and Mobile App/Web Developer to join our growing team. If you’re a designer and mobile app developer with strategic business know-how and creative marketing abilities, this is the position for you! The preferred candidate has an impressive portfolio, design and app development background, and the education combined with experience in graphic design, web  and app development or related field.

As a Graphic & Web Developer, you’ll create visually appealing websites and mobile apps, graphics, collateral, and landing pages that produce outstanding results. This creative position requires a keen eye for details, design, and composition as well as an imaginative mind driven to develop and maintain your specialty knowledge and skill set. You must want to be the best!

Job Responsibilities

  • Understand visual intent from a design and be able to measure and communicate the technical possibility of it.
  • Develop new user-facing features for our mobile apps
  • Support/Maintain the apps on App stores
  • Build reusable code and libraries for future use
  • Regularly collaborate with other engineers and non-technical team members in a patient and friendly manner
  • Be the person ultimately responsible for the mobile apps released to production

Skills, Knowledge & Experience Required


  • Excellent understanding of native application development for iOS and Android
  • Excellent skills in designing mobile apps with industry standard compliance like ADA
  • Excellent understanding of application security and device capabilities (GPS, Bio-Metrics…) integrations with the applications
  • Excellent understanding in REST APIs and integrations with third party APIs like maps
  • Good understanding of ReactJS (or a library like Preact, Inferno, etc.) and Redux
  • Good familiarity with Git for version control
  • Good with CSS/SCSS/SASS and HTML5
  • Good understanding of how Babel/Webpack/Eslint work
  • Good familiarity with a unit testing framework
  • Good familiarity with at least one JS to Native framework (React Native, Electron, etc.) or Native mobile development (iOS or Android)
  • Basic familiarity with writing End to End tests
  • Basic familiarity with a CI/CD system like Jenkins (or a comparable tool)
  • Basic familiarity with AWS or a willingness to learn

Nice to have:

  • Experience with Elm, Purescript, Reason ML, Haskell, F#, Scala, or Ocaml
  • Experience with Static rendering ReactJS to HTML
  • Experience with NodeJS development

Interested candidates, please submit your resumes  Please include a link to your online portfolio and also attach your design that you are most proud of in PDF format and explain why you are most proud of that design.

Job Type: Full-time


Graphic Design: 2 years (Preferred)


Lagos Mainland (Preferred)




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